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CANZEL -キャンゼル-
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16th-Dec-2012 09:58 pm - →Selling cheki & CD! and more☆
Hi everyone!
I still have some stuff for sale, including CDs, DVDs, photosets and more!
→♫Selling post!♪←

And cheki in the special cheki section:
→♫Cheki sales♪←

The post is updated regularly♫
Please come anytime for new items~
20th-Mar-2011 11:44 am - Mio DEMO II & Download

Mio said he added a bit more sound into this one ^^ ~
what do you think?

Read more...Collapse )

19th-Mar-2011 03:43 pm - Mio DEMO

Mio uploaded the demo onto youtube ^^



15th-Feb-2011 03:08 pm - UNITE SONG PREVIEWS
 so they had a countdown on their OHP for a bit and...what was it counting down to?

2 previews for their songs!
- Eniver
-world wide wish
Yui's voice is pretty good :) 

not bad. not bad at all..
I'm excited for their future releases! 


13th-Feb-2011 04:03 pm - UNiTE livejournal community
 Hi everyone! this post is to present a new community dedicated to the new band UNiTE.


are all invited!

 Yay! They're together again~
Band name is Unite (ユナイト)

They are already planning a release--"Greeting CD"
CD(2 Songs + 1SE)
¥1,300(tax in)
M1:melt into UNiTE. / M2:Eniver / M3:world wide wish

They all have new blogs too.

vo.結 ameblo.jp/official-yui/
gt.椎名未緒 ameblo.jp/mio-official/
gt.LiN ameblo.jp/lin-official/
ba.ハク ameblo.jp/official-haku/
dr.ゆきみ ameblo.jp/yukimi-official/

And they already have a LIVE planned:
Beautiful:madnesS vol.6
OPEN 15:30 / START 16:00
前売り ¥3,300 / 当日 ¥3,800

They updated their old blogs with pretty much the same stuff

Mio's blog post: ameblo.jp/41730/entry-10785234008.html
Haku's ameblo.jp/haku1234/entry-10785234605.html
Yukimi's ameblo.jp/yukimi-canzel/entry-10785235180.html

Can't wait♥

OHP: unite-jp.com/

Big news!!! Mio, Haku and Yukimi are moving on together to a new band!


OHP: http://unite-jp.com/
(has links to the members blogs/twitters)

So, apparently they are releasing a live-only (<-DAMMIT) single on March 29 for 1300 yen.
01) melt into UNiTE.
02) Eniver
03) world wide wish

This is all very exciting and I cannot wait for some samples to emerge. Judging from the image, the logo and everything is still very Mio-designed, so he'll probably have creative control again like in Canzel. Needless to say, I am utterly stoked for this new band, but Yui better be awesome! He's got big shoes to fill in my book.
I started uploading backwards. they were the smallest ones.
if you want the links & password, message me please.
I don't want ppl just taking :/
and please don't share or re-upload.
part 7&8 are the document & special multi-camera 
7 is like the very beginning of the document. about 2 minutes are cut off cuz they're in part 6 but you don't really miss anything cept the camera showing the sign --BLITZ and scenery.. o_o 
8 is the rest of the document + all 3 of special multi camera
wish upon a star
edit : just finished uploading part 6. I'm going to keep updating this post so I don't clog up this page.. well I kinda already did :0 
but erm yea. 
part 6 starts after Ruli gives his comment and then goes into Allegro & Ending w/ credits 
part 5 is up too -- starts a little into INVIT and goes through the comments
part 3&4 up 3-starts right at beginning of  永却回帰エレメント
edit again..Whole thing is up on MF now~
-When I ripped the DVD, it didn't break cleanly so they all start at weird moments :( sorry- 
23rd-Jan-2011 05:32 pm - Canzel opening&ending video
better quality videos coz I actually ripped them this time > >

edit..didn't realise this one was effed up. sorry, so i took it down.


I'm not sure whether I should put the audio version or the actually DVD up for download because the DVD's pretty big.
I need feedback.....................

edit: okay. i'll upload the dvd but it might take a little bit because i'm gonna have to split them cuz each part is about 1000mb and i can only do 200 on MF or MU
if you guys don't mind having to join them with HJSplit after downloading then i'll just keep splitting :0
or unless you guys know a quicker way :/

another edit.
so i was in the process of uploading 2/8 of the parts when i decided to watch them and uh..
does anyone know what's up with the file if it just stops suddenly in the middle...........?
I used DVD decrypter & hamster video converter and i wound up with 8 parts
but every single one of them just stops at around 3 minutes............what the hell is up with that? :( 
i tried re-ripping and it still does that... anyone know what i can do to fix it? 

man..i swear this is not my day - -ll
17th-Jan-2011 03:13 pm - Canzel INVIT video LQ

really really LQ because it's not a rip, it's a recording I took a few weeks ago but never put up because of how low the quality was. But I thought I might as well since I won't be able to rip until after this thursday. So until then, enjoy this crappy quality recording of the never before heard/seen song ^^
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